[BUG] Layered Landscape on iOS

For days now I am trying to setup a large landscape environment for iOS. Even though the landscape looks as intended on the Mobile Preview, when I actually run my Level on my device (6 Plus) I have several issues (also have a look at the attached photos)

Layer blending. My landscape has three texture layers, but on the device they don’t seamlessly blend, but you can see big squares of one or the other texture.

In my material I have incorporated the technique to scale the texture up based on distance, in order to get rid of repetitive patterns in the far distance. Again, it works on the mobile preview but not on the device.

I’ve made sure that all the following are true:

My project’s target hardware is Mobile

My Material has less than 5 textures and has used for landscape, use with static lighting checked. It is fully rough. Use Lightmap Directionally is unchecked.

My textures are rectangular 1024 X 1024

Lighting has been built

Device profile config files has been set in the Config Directory

Additional Info

I am running 4.7.6 on OS X Yosemite

My layers are imported from height maps

I have upload a test scene if you want to review it Dropbox - Error

Hey romfeo,

I downloaded your project and tested to verify the issue you are experiencing on my end. I was able to reproduce the issue, however this could be a set up issue so I am going to run some various different set ups without damaging the integrity of your scaling approach to see if I can get it to render correctly. I will return here with any new information I discover. Thank you for the taking the time to report this issue and let me know if you have additional questions.


Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your time,
I would like to let you know that every layered landscape on iOS has the same rendering issues. I have tried many examples (even some from Epic) and they all render in the above manner when running on the device itself

Hey romfeo,

I did some digging and discovered there is a bug report in place for this specific issue in regards to Landscape Materials rendering incorrectly on your specific device. It has been fixed internally and we plan on having the fix integrated with our 4.8 release version of the engine. This will be coming in the near future so we ask that you remain patient while we work to have this as well as other issues resolved and implemented in our most recent release. Thank you for your patience and look to our Forums for the release notes for any new or previous versions of the Engine.