[Bug] [Launcher] Wrong free space calculation

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My OS is Windows 10. It updates regularly and is up-to-date.
Epic Launcher’s version is


Two bug cases:

Adding modules

Let’s say you have successfully installed UE4 and want to add some components to it. Say, I want to add engine source code which requires less than 100 Mb or add a cooking module, like HTML5. So I open launcher, then go to Vault, press an Engine version’s dropdown and select Settings. Then I add HTML5:

I have 3.5 Gb of free space right now on my SSD. The downloaded and unpacked content is about 0.7. Nothing should stop us :smiley: But, Bam! Error: Not enough free space on C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic games\4.13

So I need 9.35 GB of free space on my disc to install 535 MB of needed content (_ _)

Resuming UE4 download

Just a day before I had about 20 GB of free space and decided to try out upcoming 4.14 version. It successfully launched download process and showed me a BSOD at about 60-70% of download.
(This is going to be a regular practice, a very bad practice! I had BSOD 4 times, each while downloading a particular version of UE. My OS is stable and these are the only cases I meet BSOD)

At this point UE ate a significant amount of space on my SSD and launcher is capable of resuming its download. I click ‘continue’, and… bam! Not enough free space! “Hey, but it was quite enough just an hour before!”.

So now I need to delete an uncompleted version to try installing it again while hoping that no BSODs will pop out tis time (_ _).

UE4 is around 14GB in total, each time it needs to update, reinstall, or add a feature, it needs to make sure that you have enough disk space for the entire engine, even if you are trying to add a small feature.

Waht you can temporary do is move some stuff to a USB drive or your secondary hard drive, then install the feature, then move them back

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We have recently modified the process for how Epic Games can help troubleshoot your Launcher issue. Please visit http://help.epicgames.com/ for technical support, here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance. To access the contact form, please use the “Email Us” button under the “Contact Us” section.

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