[Bug] Landscape vertical LOD not work

The auto LOD system in Landscapes not work with the vertical distance.

Hi ,

If you create a basic landscape in a blank project with no additional content and zoom out vertically, do you see any changes to the landscape?

If create a landscape for example with default settings, and change the LODDistance Factor to 3.0 for best view, when you move over the terrain this work fine, but if go far in vertical is like if you are all time at 50 m the LOD.
In vertial the LOD Sphere is the same at 50m and 1,000,000,000m in vertical.
Look in wireframe mode.
The LODs only are generated in a horizontal plane (x,y) not work with z ?

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-6768 to be assessed by the development team. Thank you for your report.

What’s the news on this? Is there a way to make height matter in LOD in 4.12?

No the engine don’t support vertical landscape LODs atm

Why this is marked as fixed when there is not vertial LOD ? Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-6768)

something new related to this? i’ve seen the fixed but i dont know what to believe

Hi everyone,

I have fixed the bug with updated information. The reason it was closed is because it is a duplicate of another issue here. It should have been closed as a duplicate instead of as fixed.

Looks more like the duplicated is the other one, that don’t give a correct reference and was created later than the mine.
But anyway…