[BUG] Landscape has dents

I generated a landscape using a height map I made, and the resulting landscape has dents in it. These dents are not in the original mesh I used to generate a height map and they are not in the height map itself. I have no idea why they are showing up on the landscape. They appear mostly in a grid like pattern. There is no material applied to the landscape so it’s not from a normal map either. If you know how I can fix this please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Tye167,

Can you post the height map you are using so I can try to reproduce this issue on my end?

Its a large height map and the file size is too big to post is there anyway I can email it to you or something?

Are you able to compress it into a zip file and put it on Dropbox or Google Drive?

Yea here’s the dropbox link: Dropbox - File Deleted

Were you able to replicate it?

Yes, I used your heightmap and I do see the dotted identations all over the landscape. Like you said, they appear in straight lines, as shown in the images below:

My first thought was maybe there were some dark pixels in the heightmap causing the issue but I wasn’t able to see anything unusual so I am going to have to consult a subject matter expert and get back to you.

Thanks! Let me know what you find out.


The dots are in your heightmap file. They are only off by a single color value so you need to adjust the brightness/contrast before you can see them. Looking at the heightmap in paint.net adjusted as show below, I can clearly see the row of dots along the Y=470 line: