Bug + lag With Event tick and AI

Since i place a Player Start in my game my AI have started bug.So I decide to remove my Player Start but my AI do same thing. I think it relates to my Event tick but i do not know more.

I Finally I think the problem is because of the player, I can not control it

I control this thing instead of my player

Your hero variable seems to be empty becasue the cast on the event begin play failed. Judging from your second screenshot the player has no Player Character. I don’t know how but maybe your player didn’t posses any pawn.

Or your player character simply is not an instance of the class “BP_remy”. Maybe you player is spawning itself another class as pawn to posses it (look into your game mode BP or world settings)

IN oyur Target Point Police function I don’t really understand the casting of the class to another class especially since it’s a constant you put in there (is this function unfinshed?). For the spawn you usually would just select a class you want to spawn.