BUG? "Item Data" Structure Array was deleted from everything? HELP!

Hi; I was working on my game and then I experienced a weird bug. I have an array of “Item Data” structures that I access for the inventory, and in that structure I have another user-defined structure, “Weapon Data”. Everything was working fine until I started adding enumerations in for Item Type and stuff like that. I don’t know why this happened, but the “Inventory” array variable in my Character Blueprint script was deleted, however, when I try to make another variable called “Inventory”, it says that it is already being referenced, even though I have no way to access it. Not only that, but the Actors that have the Item Data structure attached to them are now missing the Item Data structure in them. Please help!

I also have a new error code in the “Item Data” structure class, which says "Struct unknown (deleted?) Parent ‘UserDefinedStruct /Game/GameFiles/S_ItemData.S_ItemData’ Property: “WeaponData_31_66747B484CBD96983B78C88A706C00CF”

Those blueprints got corrupted when the struct was edited. Happened to me several times. No way to save them that I know, unless you have backup saves. I believe this was fixed in 4.16