[bug/issue] Modded plesiosaurs spawning in crazy numbers

Has anyone figured out why this happens as soon as plesiosaurs are modded and remapped? plesiosaurs are spawning so fast that they are taking up 1.5GB of a dedicated server’s RAM just by themselves. Every square inch of the ocean is covered in them…

What mod is this happening on?

In your spawner blueprint(s)… did you change the Max Desired Num Enemies Multiplier to some value other than 1.0? That could create the deluge you’ve described.

On a potentially related note… I’ve noticed when spawning plesiosaurs in the editor PIE window that they have no AI… they just sit there dumb. Spawning in megas and ichys are fine… they swim around, attack etc without issue.

So maybe it’s a misconfig of Max Desired… or maybe some deeper bug.

This happens when you simply remap plesio_character_bp to your plesio… I have been looking for a mod that this happens to (so we can diagnose the problem) but most of the mods have over-ridden the darkwater spawn and made it spawn nothing (mind included, and I don’t want to turn it back on and crash a ton of servers again…lol)

oh. I will link it :smiley:

no spawners have been edited in the making of this mod. ONLY remaping

EDIT can supply source files if it helps.

then where do your plessies come from?

JasonFJ - they have no AI because they are set to not trigger unless spawned at a certain depth, anything above that range will cause them not to trigger.

Freebandaids - we all just remap them to a different spawner, cause the darkwater one is clearly broke when remaped

has anyone tried adding something like coel or mega to the darkwater spawner instead?