Bug? IsA(SomeBase) returns true if SomeBase is NULL

Yes its a bug and i seen somebody submitted fix for that in github

The function bool UObjectBaseUtility::IsA( const UClass* SomeBase ) const returns true if SomeBase is NULL. Shouldn’t it return false instead? It makes more sense to me.

It was me who posted there, but I’ve closed the pull request because it was including other commits there. So this still needs Epic’s attention, if it is indeed a bug.


Well object funtion called “is a” not null, so logicly it is a bug . Dont be shy and correct your pull request as suggested, epic will jurge it if should be fixed there.

To be honest, it feels like too much work (creating a new fork, redownloading the engine, etc) for such a small change. I am not very experienced with GitHub.

Well you can edit in github:) forking is not that slow, open file in your fork and and there should be edit button, edit automatically will create commit and then pull request

Ohhh cool, thanks for the tip! I was thinking I’d have to fork and download the entire engine again, in a separate folder on my disk.

New pull request: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/pull/73