[BUG] Invalid Font Page 0


I find I’m unable to use imported fonts. I’ve imported a font and it looks find within the content browser and font editor. I’m trying to use a given .ttf font in a text render actor. If I create a text render actor, and chance the font, the string no longer renders. If I try to assign my font to a Font Param in the material, it tells me “Invalid Font Page 0. Max allowed is 0.”

I don’t appear to be the only one with this problem:



Hi Luke,

Unfortunately, runtime cached (composite) fonts don’t currently work with text actors (only Slate/UMG, and Canvas), and we have a bug internally about improving the cryptic “Invalid Font Page” error (UE-7553). For now, you’ll need to use an offline cached (bitmap) font with text actors.


That’s annoying! Thanks, I guess I’ll have to use canvas.


any updates on this? Runtime fonts still don’t work for materials (“Invalid Font Page”) and if I try to use offline cached bitmap fonts, they created material is all white:

Font editor:


Material editor:


Hi all,

The bug report that Jamie mentioned (UE-7553) has been marked as Fixed for 4.8. Can you test this in the 4.8 Preview 4 and let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue? Thanks!

Same issue…
There are like almost no options to mess with, so it should be pretty straight forward, and yet the result is a plain white font material.

Error [SM5] (Node FontSampleParameter) Font Param> Font ‘Roboto’ is runtime cached, but only offline cached fonts can be sampled

I’m not sure to understand what was the fix. Seems like only the description has changed, for the rest it’s exactly the same behavior. Runtime not supported and importing custom font will result in a fully white material. Is there an alpha thing to be aware of or?..

Figured it out why it was plain white. The alpha needed to be plugged on the Gray connector instead of the red one. The red one work with the default fonts but not the one I use.

Though I have another problem, the text ingame is messed up… I guess the coordinates for letters are incorrect.

EDIT : Ok, It works totally fine now !
The last thing to set was the Compression Settings in the font properties. I’ve set it to DistanceFieldFont (R8). Not sure what it does or if I do it the proper way but the result works so… :slight_smile:

Hello Genova,

I am happy to hear that you have gotten your font working. I am going to mark down your last comment as an answer. If this issue persists, please feel free to reopen this issue by posting a reply.

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