[BUG] Internal compiler error inside CreateExecutionSchedule

I’ve just encountered an extremely serious error because my project refuse to start after saving this blueprint.
It was working night before. I booted it up this morning made some changes , then I noticed some data were missing , totally unrelated stuffs that I haven’t touched for months ( some data actually reset to parent class’ data ) . And then I realize I’m having some logical error, some features are not working that was working last night. Upon checking BP, I realized some of BP were disconnected ( with no errors or dirtied indicator ) while input/output pins were still being highlighted . I wish I could show an example but entire project isn’t opening.

[link text][1]
[link text][2]

Error Internal compiler error inside CreateExecutionSchedule (site 1); please contact framework team as we need a repro for this bug!
Error property associated with DeltaSeconds could not be found
Error property associated with CurrentSuppHP could not be found
Warning [1024.03] Compile of BP_BaseInfantry failed. 3 Fatal Issue(s) 0 Warning(s) [in 4 ms]

I’m backing up my entire content folder in case it is needed. But I’m definitely doing a rollback as soon as I can.

Apparently bugged is saved with last revision. And I’m still getting it.

I’ve managed to fix it by carefully delete some offending nodes and replacing them hopefully they don’t pop up. But after that I’m still getting very strange errors ( in form of failed import and crashes )

Callstack of crash.


We apologize for inconvenience.
Please send this crash report to help improve our software.

Hey Frozenfire,

Which version of engine are you using? There were some circular dependency issues that caused issues with blueprint nodes being disconnected exactly as you described, then crashes and occasionally projects that won’t open. This was fixed in 4.5.

Can you open a copy of project in 4.5 Preview and see if project opens, and if nodes are still connected in BP you noticed that in? Thanks!

I’m gonna try it in 4.5 .is it released yet? I’m not using github tho

It’s not officially released yet, but we have a binary version available through launcher. It’s labeled Unreal Engine Preview, but it’s actually 4.5 Preview. You can test it in that, and I believe 4.5 official release will be pretty soon.

Oh okay I wasn’t aware we can use preview version. Btw we’re unable to test it now as problem has been fixed, I deleted everything yesterday and remade several classes from scratch. Although this is unrelated, some of blueprint sort of corrupted as I’m unable to ‘move’ them nor delete them. Upon trying to delete them I noticed they had references to transient classes which cannot be removed.

Okay, that sounds like another issue that you should probably open a new post for. For now, I’m going to mark this post resolved. If you run into problems with disconnected nodes again and converting to 4.5 does not help, please feel free to reopen this thread. Thanks!