[Bug]Input setting not syncing to SVN

I did read this bug reportlink text and that solution does not work for me.

I want the input settings( Axis Mappings and Action Mappings ) to be added to my svn repo so everyone on my team gets the changes. I am using a Mac which may be important.

  1. I change the input settings.
  2. I realize that the settings are local and I need to press ‘Set as Default’ to get them to update.
  3. When I press ‘Set as Default’ it updates the Input.ini file in this directory /Users/[myusername]/Library/Preferences/Unreal Engine/[myProject]Editor/CleanSourceConfigs which is nowhere near my working directory
  4. I tried manually copying the Input.ini file to the Config directory in the project folder but my editor ignores the file

How do I get the Unreal editor to output the settings to the project directory?
How do I get the editor to actually use the settings files in the project directory?

Using the manual Export/Import functionality and emailing the team everytime there is a change may work as a work around but that is an ugly solution especially if settings other than input are required to build our game in the future.

This should be fixed in the upcoming 4.2 release. I just verified that the input bindings are now correctly saving to the Default INI. If you’re building from the GitHub code, then you will likely already have the fix.