Bug in Unreal Engine or Wrong Documentation?

Hi. I am setting up a character using this tutorial.

I am following the steps:

1.I add InputAxis MoveForward and InputAxis MoveRight

  1. Then I Hold Control and drag in the DisableMovement

And it throws "Condition on a Branch " out of nowhere on me.
There is no “condition” or branch on my event graph! It was an empty blueprint, that’s it. I was just following the steps, and tutorial says, they should be already there. Wtf?

Please help.

the tut is telling you to place branch nodes like in the pic and connect them up. just right click and type branch.
a branch is just an “if” statement if something is true it follows the true pin, else it will follow the false

It never told me to do it. A small piece of explanatory text in that tut could be more than just helpful.

“connect it to the Condition on a Branch on each Event.”
it’s pretty self explanatory.