Bug in UE 4.8 Preview - Scene Capture 2D

I had to use SnagIt program to take screenshots of the game.

Above is from UE 4.8. I think that the center mirror shows the view from the Internal Camera, not the CenterMirror SceneCapture2D actor.

Above is from UE 4.7.6. The center mirror shows the correct view from the CenterMirror SceneCapture2D actor.

Above is the blueprint for the van in UE 4.8

Note the differences in the center mirror. Note the camera just behind the driver’s seat. How to I set the eye height? I thought that the eye height is where the camera’s lens is. I used the regular Vehicle Template. The mirrors in the upper corners of the screen and the text on the dashboard were created using UMG.

Hey jeffmorris,

Thank you for creating the AnswerHub post as requested.

Would you mind showing me the camera actor settings for the correct camera that is supposed to represent the rear-view mirror within your blueprint? Specifically, I would like to see if you are assigning it the correct ‘Render Target Texture.’

Since this car is its own blueprint you can drag it into your scene from the ‘Content Browser’ and click on the individual cameras to see their respective settings within your active viewport.


I found out that there was a camera at player start’s location. I thought that the camera belonged to the player start but when I clicked on the camera, the world outliner said the camera belonged to the left mirror blueprint. I deleted the camera and the van’s mirrors displayed correct scene capture images. What about the eye height?

Glad you figured out your first issue. The eye height can be set within the camera ‘Class Defaults’ of your character blueprint. Use the image below as reference where to find the setting.

Base Eye Height


Changing the base eye height didn’t work. The view stays the same when base eye height is either 0 or 64.

The base eye height is actually used for pawn sensing and is considered and older approach we used for traces and such. If you would like to change the eye height of the camera, you can simply move the camera down along the Z-axis. Let me know if you need more help.