BUG in marketplace with seller name links

i would like to report a bug (?) in the marketplace

i have tried to change my “public seller name” in the seller dashboard, from
“Alchemy Studio”
“Alchemy Studio - Matteo Bosi Music”

Problem is that the hyperlink from each of my packs are not updated!

Now i came back to “Alchemy Studio” and they work again but on my latest pack:

the link is not working and is still pointing to:

which does not exist (404 error). the same was happening before with my other packs, that’s the reason why I changed again my name.

in short: try to change your “public seller name” in the seller dashboard, go to one of your items and click on the seller link below the item title: it reports an inexisting page with 404 error.

is it correct?

Hey Matteo!

You’ll probably want to post this in the Creators Hub so that it has a greater chance of being seen. Hope this gets resolved soon.