Bug in Lock Viewport to Actor when rotating with ALT key?


I’m following tutorial “Introduction to UE4 Level Creation”. In this tutorial series the speaker Locks viewport to a point light to let him see inside the created building as he moves inside.

I have followed the tutorial but there’s a problem when I lock the viewport to the point light. Everytime I try to rotate (pressing alt key) around a pivot, and then Alt key is released the viewports jumps to a (random?) orientation. I mean, I select for example a wall, then I start rotating pressing ALT. When I finish rotating and ALT key is released the editor camera instead of keeping oriented toward the wall, it jumps to another orientation. This works as expected when the viewport is not locked to the light.

This is something really annoying.

Am I missing something? Is this a bug?


Unfortunately the editor doesn’t rotate around pick point, you need to press F to focus on the item first.

Anadin, this is what I am doing. What I am saying is that after focusing if I have the view locked to a light and I rotate around the pivot (presing ALT) when I release ALT the camera instead of keeping its orientation (looking toward the pivot I was rotation around) jumps to another (random?) orientation. It is really annyoing.

When view is not locked to any light this does not happen and rotating using ALT around a pivot works as expected. When ALT is released after rotation the view doesn’t “jump” to another orientation.

I am really surprised no one has suffered from this or reported it :/.

Hope we could guess what is happening.


This is intended behavior from what I can see. The lock viewport view is looking in the direction of the forward (X) axis after letting go of the ALT rotation.


I have this exact same problem while performing the same UE4 Level Creation tutorial. The problem is only applicable when the viewport is locked to the actor. I loaded the FPS example map and locked the viewport to one of the blocks in the map, moved/steered the block to arbitrary location in the air, selected another block, pressed F to focus on the block, then pressed and hold ALT, then moving the mouse you can see the “Locked actor” block jump 180 deg to the other side of the pivot point (but the viewport did not follow). When the ALT key is released the viewport location jumps to the 180 deg location and the viewport rotation is the rotation of the viewport at which the mouse key was released (forward (x)). The jumping to the 180 deg location is surely a bug. I am using a Mac and UE4.5.1.

Actually I am seeing a lot similar issues in 4.5.1 now, you orbit around an object and when you let go of the RMB the viewport camera just jumps to some random place, looking in different direction, really really annoying. Also on the Mac, double clicking in a field (such as editing something like transform X or Y or Z, the mouse jumps to one of the corners of the screen)

If you feel this is an issue and something is “buggy” about it. Post this to the AnswerHub so that one of the engine support staff can take a look into it. Posting an issue here on the forums is great for discussion but it’s not a great way to track what may be issues or to see when the status or resolution was.

Thanks, Anadin!


Yup will do Tim, I have already added my voice to the one about double clicking a field and the cursor jumping around, I’ll do a video of the other problem first though, kind of hard to describe and I would like to try and find some sort of repro for it.

I have had the same problem and and had to unlock the viewport in order to move my project around. So not I delete and add lights whenever I need to see inside. Not sure how to fix this otherwise as it’s not in the tutorial how to deal with this problem.