Bug in Epic Launcher

Hi all,

I don’t know where to post launcher related bug reports, so i do it here.

i encountered this week a bug in epic launcher relating to plugins.

I don’t know what exactly lead to this, but i think the launcher isn’t deleting the whole plugin folder if a newer version of the plugin is available.
This happened to me with the DungeonArchitect plugin. I got a few older files (in different folders) which were not deleted (intermediate and source folder).
They even persisted uninstalling the plugin from the engine via the launcher.
My guess is, that you only operate over a file list, but if the plugin moves files from folder A to folder B they were not deleted. Possibly happened to me because i skipped a few releases of it, dunno for sure tho.

Fix should be easy, just clear the whole folder when updating/uninstalling/installing the plugin.
There should never be a leftover file, because this could lead to other (easily exploitable security related) issues.



PS: i tried to enter a bug report at, but i was hit with a access denied error (why???), so you have to deal with this here.

Hi Algorithman.

For reference, you can use this form - - for reporting launcher issues.


Hi Stephen,

i did, but i refered to the original case number, since i wrote quite a bit of text. I hope they can cross reference to this.

Hello Algorithman,

Are you still experiencing issues trying to create bug submissions with that form? It is not the correct form to use to report issues with the Launcher but we are concerned if people are getting errors when attempting to use it. Do you encounter the error when trying to access the site or when attempting to submit the form? If it’s the latter, would you be able to try submitting another to see if you get the same error?

If you are still receiving an error, can you provide a screenshot of the message you receive?

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

[USER=“36033”]Matthew J[/USER] Hi Matthew, i got a xml response after submit which stated access denied. Don’t know why :slight_smile: But why isnt that the correct form? It had the launcher in the dropdown and it looks more like the technical bug form than the other one.

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] The response i got from your link was quite dissatisfying. I know you’re at GDC and all, but the answer was totally missing the point:

My ticket didn’t even include the word game…
That’s why i don’t like to submit on your fortnite support form, i know beforehand that it’ll never reach the persons who know what to do. They’re focused on games, not devs.

To make things short:
Please tell the launcher devs to sanitize the plugin folders before update/after uninstall.

and sorry for being a bit salty, i had my experiences with customer supports of all kind and they almost never react the right to technical stuff.

Hello Algorithman,

About the response to your ticket, I apologize for the seemingly unrelated response. I’ve reached out to our support team personally and they’re looking into the ticket, despite that response you received.

If you’re using the Bug Submission form, the Launcher should not be a selection for any of the fields on that form. If you still see a Launcher option on that form, would you be able to provide a screenshot of it so that I can take a look?

As for the reason this is not the proper form, the people who handle the submissions from the Bug Submission form (the team I’m part of) are completely separate from the team that handles the requests that are entered through the other form that Stephen provided.