BUG Importing Obj

I’ve just downloaded new released 4.13 and was working on some meshes in obj format in 4.12.3. When i import that mesh in 4.12.3 and apply a material to it, everything looks fine. If i create a new 4.13 project and import that same obj, and apply a material to it, it does not work. I tried applying the material to a dummy box, and there it works fine. So im wondering if something happened to the obj importer? Or maybe some default import settings? Really hope this is not a dummy error from my side hehe.

First comment didnt come through, or if it did maybe double post (Sorry). When importing as an OBJ in 4.13 the UVs are not imported or are deleted. FBX, as you have experienced work fine but this seems to be a bug that removes UVs from OBJs and changing settings doesnt seem to work. Left OBJ UV and right FBX in static mesh editor screen

Ok, i will hope someone from epic will see this then and register this as a bug… Or maybe i will myself… Hmm

Hi lz7749,

Thanks for the details! I’ve submitted a ticket for this to be investigated. You can follow the status here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-35608)