BUG importing OBJ-files

I am having issues exporting from Rhino to OBJ, then importing into unreal engine. I was able to import some files once splitting a very basic model into 100 pieces importing them. Now I tried this process again exporting a 62 mb file to obj. It gets stuck at 75% importing. Tried dividing it in parts, keeps getting stuck at 75%.

Would really like to import my rhino models into UE, my workpace is rapid in that software and still I have not managed to understand how I could make a very accurate model using UE4 unless I want it to be in a pure rectangular shape with some basic square extractions for windows etc, prefer for now to use rhino and try to do cool things inside UE4.

Rhino is not a good software for making game assets. In my experience it is also very bad at converting to meshes which is part of the issue.

Okay that is surprising as I have used it for 6 years and works fine for everything I have done so far, 3dprints, import into other software etc as it supports nurbs-meshes into various formats. The biggest problem though is that I have practiced this software and am so fast so if I were to switch atm to another one not only do I have to learn Unreal Engine, I have to add another one.

Either way, it is still a bug that it freezes on import. Should I choose another format that works better until they solve it or what do people recommend?

Usually if there’s an issue with importing to UE4 then it’s the mesh is too complex, when you export to OBJ adjust your mesh conversion to be lower. How big is the OBJ file?

63 mb! Okay, I can do that too but I assumed I lost quality that way?

63MB I think might be too big, depending on what it is. You can turn off some of the processing features like generating lightmap UV’s which should speed up the import. As far as quality, it will affect how many subdivisions you see on curved surfaces so you want it as low as possible to a level that you’re comfortable with.