Bug importing datasmith from 3dsmax 2019

Hello, I’ve tried submitting a bug report but got an error message so Im posting it here

I’m having trouble importing datasmith file from 3dsmax 2019 into ue4.
after importing the message log goes crazy with “cannot find static mesh for static mesh actor X” for every item in the scene. I did get the Asset folder from 3dsmax and it does contain a bunch of files.
My workflow is the following:

file created in revit 2019
import file as revit link in 3dsmax 2019
export .udatasmith from 3dsmax 2019

I’ve succesfully made this import process with several random files so I know the basics, the problem is with this particular files I mention before

tried to upload the file for inspection on the report a bug site as a .rar and got an error message

Tried and failed, here is the screenshot before and after
using a .zip wont work either,
you think the problem is the file attached? because I could pass a link to a google drive folder, It is only 10 MB