[BUG] Grass Tool Shading Error


I just noticed this problem when I was trying to reproduce it as per someone else’s thread and now I’m very concerned too.
Basically what is happening is once the lighting is built grass in each random landscape chunk becomes darker or brighter.

Screen from above (Detail Lighting mode) from original thread


Reproduced problem

Lit mode

Lit mode from player view - As you see it’s hard to notice

But it can be very obvious depending on the grass texture and lighting situation


Link to the original thread.

Is there any information about this? This is big show stopper for us with whole landscape grass system. I have managed to get almost perfect match for grass and landscape material but indirect shading is totally bugged. Any tips?

Still happening in 4.10.

Hi Maximum-Dev or Jenny Gore,

Can you make a post on the AnswerHub. Something like this can be more easily tracked and reported there in our Bug Reports section.

Thank you!


I will post to AnswerHub. Just wasn’t sure is this bug or intended feature. I thin this could be fixed by just reusing landscape lightmaps with foliage.(Only indirect part)

Edit: Grass shading bug. - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums