[Bug] Get constraint force - doesn't includes linear drive

Currently, Get Constraint Force node doesn’t include force of the linear drive. What seams to be returned is only the forces which are applied to keep joint in place.
I’ve made a simple test scene to demonstrate the issue. If you switch off the linear drive you can see that magnitude of force at Z is roughly equal mass * 980. Without a complete constraint force is rather hard to calculate a load on an element if constraint is used as suspension.
Test scene:

just a sidenote, not a fix…
There may be a flag that needs to get set so drive constriants will writeback their force, also, a temporary workaround might be possible by just using the displacement distance from the target position (since force is proportional to length-restlength.

some more details in discussion here: Linear Position Drive and Constraint Forces - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums