[BUG] Get a reference to self (BP)

Build info

  • Version: 1945001
  • Install Path: C:/Program Files/Rocket


  • OS: Windows 7
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • Graphics Card: GTX 760 w/ 4 GB
  • UAC: Off

Repro Steps

  • Create a blueprint of based on a custom C++ uobject (eg. Inventory).
  • Add an array variable using this type of object (eg. ViewItems).
  • Insert a Begin Play event.
  • Insert an Add Item or Insert Item exec (Call Function → Array → Add Item/Insert Item).
  • Set the target array to one created as a variable.
  • Set the target item using Get Self Ref (Variables → Get a reference to self).
  • Compile & save blueprint.
  • Do “Play From Here” in editor window.


Array adds a NULL index at end of array (Add Item) or at specified index (Insert Item).


Array adds a reference to self at end of array (Add Item) or at specified index (Insert Item).



Playing - Self reference disconnects, NULL in array:

Work around, not-playing:

Work around, playing - ThisIsAReftoSelf variable does not disconnect, pointer to uobject in array:

Hey Christopher,

Thanks for your report! Would you be able to provide the basic code snippet you used to create your custom C++ UObject that is in use here?



G’day Steve,

Forgive my late response.

After more work on the C++ class this blueprint is based on, this problem disappeared.

That being said, this is the same class that is having issues when I add a new overridable function using BlueprintImplementableEvent ( link text ).

If you would still like to take a look at the C++, let me know.


Hey Kris,

If you could still provide the code snippet you are using to create your UObject, we would still like to attempt a local repro to make sure there isn’t anything on our end that needs to be fixed :slight_smile:



I’m having the same exact problem using blueprint scripting. Do you still need help replicating it?

Hey evillego6,

This is an old Archive post from our beta users, put here for reference. It may contain out-of-date information, and isn’t the best place to ask questions. If you wouldn’t mind, could you create a new post on AnswerHub (in the Bug Reports section) and give us as much information as you can? You can certainly reference this post in your new post if you would like. Thanks!

Ben Halliday


This is a question from the beta version of the engine. We are marking this answered for tracking purposes. If you are experiencing an issue similar to this please post a new question.

Thank you.