[Bug] GameMode ConstructionScript called twice, except on Empty level

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new level that is not Empty
  2. Create a GameMode BP
  3. Hook up the GM’s ConstructionScript to the default print string action
  4. Set the World Settings Game Mode for PIE to the GameMode BP
  5. Press Simulate
  6. The ‘Hello’ statement will be printed twice

Retrying the same on an Empty level will cause it to be called and printed only once. I’m trying to see what’s different about the Empty level compared to the Default or Primitives levels to make it be called twice, but I can’t discover why.

I should probably be using the InitGame event on the GM instead of using its constructionscript, but since I cannot find it in the graph palette, I am guessing the InitGame event is not exposed in the GM’s event graph.

The documentation about GM BPs seems to suggest they are only good for setting the defaults and offer no hints on how to use them for game initialization. I guess another good place for game initialization is the Persistent Level’s Level BP, so I probably will end up using that.


Thanks for your report! We were able to reproduce this issue locally and have filed a defect report to have it fixed, hopefully for the next Rocket Beta release. The persistent level’s Level Blueprint, as you mentioned, should be an ideal place to do initialization in the meantime.



It seems the issue is still present as of version 4.1.0. What’s the status on the fix?

Still in 4.2

This is an archived post from our beta users that is only here for reference. If you are experiencing this issue please post a new question.