[Bug] Game crashing in Mobile Preview or Standalone

Encountered a bug where the game crashes on startup if I play it in a Mobile Preview or Standalone game. I had just launched it on my phone, and it doesn’t crash on startup there.

In the same project, it also crashes every time you open it. The solution is always to go into the config files and set the editor start up map to be “nothing”, so it opens on a blank level, and everything works fine.

But, if you create a new map and set that as the new default level, opening up the project a second time will crash on startup again, until you manually go into the config files and set the default map to “nothing.”

In other words, I cannot have the editor use a default editor startup map, even new ones created, so long as I actually want the project to open. And, once I do, I can’t play it in mobile preview.

I have not seen this issue before. Is there any logs that are causing the issue that you could possibly share to help track down the issue?

Where would I find them? When it crashes, it says I do not have the debugging symbols needed.

Also, this was caused by the game mode and actor components attached to it. Once it crashes, removing the actor components won’t help, so you have to create a new GameMode and it will work fine, until you add the actor components back. After that, that new GameMode won’t work even without them. Using new clean actor components works fine. No problem, recreate those actor components and replace references.

After doing that, however, it crashed in the same way, even though its entirely new files from before.

**EDIT: ** I did some tinkering and I found out why this behavior was happening. My GameMode would crash for even referencing this function, not even having it connected, and same with the actor components that used it as well.

I’ve created own global functions blueprint, called Standard Utilities, and put it in the engine folder so that all of my games will have access to the same library, so if I added a new function from one game, it would be in the other one, automatically.

But, calling functions from this library is now what’s causing it to crash in Mobile Preview only. Not sure why it is happening now, seeing as it was working for quite some time.