Bug from Retargeting a Base Pose


Please UE4 staff, can you adjust the shoulder bones after save “Retargeting a Base Pose”. I tried many times using this in Mixamo but all of them are same bugs.

Use: UE 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.6 Preview.
Other: Animation Starter Pack and Sample demo Movement Animset Pro.

Example attachment pictures from UE4 Tutorial and one of my character mesh after i “Retargeting a Base Pose”.
Check the original post from Mixamo and compare this from two (2) picture made by UE4.

Please fix this issue before move any special features from UE 4.


Hi Peude,

We do not support 3rd Party software. For support with Mixamo characters, please contact their support at: https://www.mixamo.com/help/

However, I was unable to recreate this issue with Epic assets by retargeting the assets from the animation starter pack or using the Mixamo_Vanguard in the tutorial pictured above. The instructions explain how to correct the arms clipping by adjusting the current base pose from an “A” pose to a “T” pose. Once you have adjusted the pose, you can click the “Save Pose” button.

Once you have adjusted the base pose, when you go to retarget your skeleton should be in a “T” pose like this:

If you retarget “T” pose to “T” pose, you should no longer have a problem with the shoulders clipping as shown above.


Its also same T-Pose, but the shoulder its not normal from my Fuse Mixamo sample output?.

And if you said “We do not support 3rd Party software”.Please dont say that because your engine have support a Import and Retarget Manager. You can say that if the Engine not supported from Fbx/Obj. And im using same Fbx/Obj file and this is not different from normal object. Thanks

I use any 3d software but its same issue using object mesh.

And last you said “The instructions explain how to correct the arms clipping by adjusting the current base pose from an “A” pose to a “T” pose. Once you have adjusted the pose, you can click the “Save Pose” button.”

I tried adjust T-Pose Bones from shoulder with little bit, but when i Save its return from default position.


Hi Peude,

Sorry for the misunderstanding about Mixamo support. It may be possible their character has something wrong which may be causing the issue, in which case we are not authorized to troubleshoot that particular asset.

However, we fully support the retargeting feature in UE4 and will make sure we’ve looked at every possible reason for the problem you are experiencing before deciding it is a problem with the third party character itself.

You say that when you hit “save” it returns to the default position. This is expected behavior. But if you hit “view pose” again you will see that the character is in the T-pose that you saved.

Also, when you go assign this to an animation, you should see the character in the T-pose. If it is still in the A-pose, the change was not saved and the problem will still occur.

Try this and let me know if you are still having problems.


  1. New1.jpg - is new import FBX.
  2. Bone1.jpg - after i press View Pose and adjust left shoulder bone.
  3. Bone2.jpg - after i press Save Pose the bones return from default location.
    Note: But when i tried to press again View Pose the shoulder are adjust from before i press Save Pose. And not the original/Default position.
  4. New2.jpg - sample preview with same T-Pose.
  5. New3.jpg - Shoulder same bugs.

Please check the View Pose, Hide Pose and Save Pose. There are error from View Pose and Hide Pose with different data save.

Use: UE4.5, UE4.5.1 to UE4.6 Preview
FBX/Obj Files


First Select “View Pose” and adjust shoulder joint. Here I pulled the joint way out so change is visible.

Next “Save Pose” and view reverts to default pose. (but changes are saved)

To view changes, select “View Pose” again. (change is still there)

Now retarget desired animation to adjusted skeleton (Note change still present in skeleton)

Check retargeted animation. Note the change is still present in the retargeted animation.

Finally with your character, instead of pulling shoulder joints way out, pull them out just a little to the desired position following all the steps listed here.

As shown here, you can adjust the shoulders (or any other joint) as much or little as you want.

I know this is an old post, but I cannot reproduce this example - an obviously crazy customized Retarget Base Pose still retargets to the character’s bind pose, not the Retarget Base Pose even though the crazy customized Retarget Base Pose shows in the Retarget preview.

Hi Flesh Forge,

Since this is an older post (and a long one) that has been resolved, please create a new post with step by step descriptions of how you are setting up your bind pose along screen shots of how you are setting up your bind pose as well as how you applying your animations to the newly retargeted skeleton.

Please also include what Version of UE4 you are working from in case there is a bug causing retargeting not to work as expected.