+ Bug found with Crouch / Camera


I would like to request that Crouch does not affect the camera height. This should rather be an option as opposed to hard coded in the functionality of crouch.

Also i found a bug.

Let us say your camera is 267.170 on Z Axis.
When you crouch it goes to 213.173

When you un-crouch Z axis increment by .001 indefinitely. Basically every time you crouch and uncrouch it increments. Meaning that if you do this 999 times your camera height will be 268.170 and not 267.170

Well you can set the eye height of crouched and uncrouched to the same values then you dont change camera height on crouching.

About the bug… Someone should fix it if it really happens.

Where do i find eye height? I remember it used to be available under the defaults of the pawn but it now appears we are forced to set it via blueprints?
Is this correct?

I just checked it out. On a character component you can set crouched eyes heigth and normal eye height as a default value as well as via blueprint.


I don’t know how i missed it… monday

Eye height has no effect. It still modifies the camera height even if setting those values to equal each other.
As a result we need to get the camera and manually adjust the height to compensate for this.

Hmm i wonder what the best approach would be in the event that you do not want the hard-coded camera adjustments that is part of the crouch function.

A) Create your own crouch function and not include the mandatory camera adjustment
B) separate the camera from your player and control it with a new blueprint

Will get around to investigating this during the week.
Still it would have been really nice if Eye Height settings had an effect as it is in fact not working and also it would be even better if it was not hard coded and instead an option to disable. Perhaps a bool exposed to blueprints.

Hi Epic. I am hoping this will reach you.

I would appreciate some confirmation on this.
I have found the following.

Eye height has no impact because the camera is bound the the pivot which is center to the actor. As a result when half height is initiated on a character capsule, the center lowers on Z axis.
We are not able to add components that are not children of the capsule component on characters.

As a result of this it is physically impossible not to have you camera lower when you crouch.
If your actor / character has a Z axis value of 100, it will always go to a lower value when you crouch.

Also just a side note. Your actor location physically lowers on the Z value… the only way to not see this is to remove the camera from your character, throw it in another blueprint and not call the actor but instead cast to the actor and then to the mesh. Because the mesh does not change value… the actor and capsule and collisions do in fact change.

Leaving one option and that is to cast and then get mesh from the cast which i feel is somewhat over complicated just to not see a change in z value.


So its really not possible to change the camera behaviour when crouching? :-/
no workarounds? That means I have to implement a “fake crouch” which just plays the animation but is not really crouching the character? :confused:

This issue persists 3 years later. A workaround is posted here but makes it difficult to enact InputAction Crouch Released functionality.