Bug found: Can't move object by grid properly

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to report a bug about moving by grid.

When I hold down CTRL and then try to move a character, he would always move by X axis even if I hold down Y or Z axis. The only way to fix this is to move object and then hold CTRL.

Not sure where to post this or if this even a bug, but hope this would be useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey NoobMod, actually it is a feature!
If you hold CTRL + Left mouse button you will move only by X asix, if you hold CTRL + Right mouse button then by Y axis, if CTRL + Both buttons then by Z axis. So basically in this mode you could click anywhere on the screen and choose axis by key combination

I use it quite a lot when moving things around on my level … it is a very cool feature.

Viewport Controls

Unreal Editor Manual

Hahaha! Didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know :smiley: