Bug : format text blueprint failed to give access to pins

With 4.13 the format text blueprint do not convert properly the argument. The pins generated are not useable. See image included.


Hi teigneux,

in the format text node above, you are not declaring what type var1 and var2 are, only that var and var2 are set to var1 and var2. That is why you are seeing wildcard pins. You should be able to plug a variable into those pins to change its type. Do you see this occur?

Thanks for your answer, you are right i was able to plug a variable into those pins and it change their type accordingly.

In fact i thought i was bug because in previous versions the default type (format Text - pink pin) was set by default.

Sorry for the inconvenience

I’m happy to hear this worked for you. The node may have been altered to accept different types of variable inputs. For now, I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes.