[BUG] Force Feedback Effect doesn't work on all motors

I’ve created a Force Feedback Effect general asset, which is implementing an External Curve.

I’ve tested my Blueprint setup to trigger Force Feedback in a new Editor window (in PIE), and it works. But, no feedback is felt when either Affects Left Small and/or Affects Right Large are checked in Force Feedback Effect asset. I have tested with both a wireless Xbox 360 gamepad (using wireless adapter USB cable), and with an Xbox One gamepad (I have latest drivers installed for both gamepads, and they otherwise function correctly to control game); both gamepads respond to Affects Left Large and Affects Right Small, but they do not respond to either of other “Affects” checkboxes (Affects Right Large and Affects Left Small).

Is this a bug, or due to internal setup of those gamepads (i.e., there is only one large motor and one small motor, on left and right side of gamepad, respectively).


Here’s a screenshot of Force Feedback Effect settings, with two “Affects” that are not working checked:

Hey Jonathan,

I was able to reproduce this issue in our internal build as well as live versions of engine. I have entered a bug report in our database for developers (TTP# 349454), and I will let you know when I see an update on it. Thanks for report! Please let us know if you see other issues with Force Feedback asset or BP nodes.

Thanks for looking into it. I’ll post back here if I find any other issues.

Hey Jonathan,

This has been fixed for 4.6 and should appear in 4.6 Preview available now, if you want to check it out. Thanks again!

Can anyone help me to locate where to create a new force feedback effect? I can find it nowhere.

nodes to use in Blueprints are PlayDynamicForceFeedback, ClientPlayForceFeedback and ClientStopForceFeedback, all of which have a target of PlayerController. first allows you to set Intensity, Duration, and target motors. other two reference a ForceFeedbackEffect file. You can create this file in Content Browser by going to New > Miscellaneous > Force Feedback Effect. This file type gives you control of curve and duration of effect.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much! I have found it and successfully create a force feedback effect. However, I still can’t make my steering wheel vibrate.

I have set a breakpoint at force feedback player, program does run into it, but nothing happens.

Do you have any idea on this?


It sounds like that might be a separate bug involving that particular device. Please open a new post with details about your setup and device and we’ll look into it. Thanks!