[Bug] Foliage painting with two meshes + change Brush Size + unpaint in world = breaks tool


Place cube or some form of solid object.

Drag two meshes (must be two or more) to foliage editor.

Change Brush size to a size other than default.

Paint foliage in world.

Unpaint that foliage in world using ctrl shift.

Now try to paint again → tool no longer allows you to paint foliage.

Hi Sjoerd,

I am attempting to reproduce this issue using Beta 3, but it is not happening for me. I am able to add meshes, change the brush size, paint, unpaint and then paint foliage again. Does this occur when you make a new project? Are there any steps I am missing? Please let me know and I will be happy to further assist you.

Thank you,


I just did this again, in an empty level, with 3 standard cubes/materials, and I can reproduce this time after time again following the list and order of steps posted above.
I also reproduced this another time in a new project, in the default level with the three colored objects. Exact same thing happens.

Hey Sjoerd,

Unfortunately, none of our support testers could reproduce this issue. We have tried on the new Beta 3 update as well as original Beta 3. You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the editor. Please let me know if that changes anything. Thank you for your cooperation during this investigation.


Iv not noticed this either, maybe its your meshes that are the problem?