[Bug?] Fog component in Blueprint does not work

Not sure if this is a bug or some kind of limitation, or something I missed, but in the latest build if I do new BP → base actor is Actor itself → add Atmospheric Fog Component → I can see this in component viewport but adding it to the level results in no fog whatsoever visible in the level.

I am trying to build a weather and day and night BP, my plan was to have fog+directional light+sky meshes and particles all within the same BP.

Hi Sjoerd,

I am attempting to reproduce this issue, but I am having some difficulty. I am on the July Beta3 version. Here is my repro steps based off of what you have described:

  1. Open Editor
  2. New Map > Empty Map
  3. Create Blueprint
  4. Actor Class
  5. Components > Add AtmosphericFogComponent
  6. Compile
  7. Drag Blueprint asset into empty level

At this point the screen flicks once and then I can see the fog/sunrise. Is there something I am doing differently? Please respond with more detail and any information of what I may be doing wrong. Thank you for your understanding.




Following your steps in a completely black level with a new BP → fog shows up in the viewport after a 10 to 30 second delay only. When playing the level, no fog appears at all. Reproduced 4 times in a row.

When I use a black empty level with an actual atmo fog actor, I have somewhat similar results but it does seem to work slightly better. One time it failed to show up in-game, once it did show up in-game. It also updates slow in the viewport. It has a significant delay before it appears. At least it sometimes appears in-game though, my own actor I can never get to appear.

The entire thing behaves random and unpredictable for me.

Hey Sjoerd,

Could you please provide a screenshot of the level you are describing? Also, what hardware does your system use? Thank you so much for your patience.


Hi, I don’t know what to take a screenshot of. I have a black empty level with a blueprint floating in it, a shot of that won’t say much?

Does it show up for you in-game when using a blueprint with an atmo fog component?

Windows 7 Professional English, i7-3770K, 32GB RAM, GTX670 4GB driver 306.23 , UAC off

My driver is a few months old, if no one else has this perhaps it is that. Everything else works fine, no other issues or graphical problems anywhere.


The screenshot was just to see if anything whatsoever was visible, but it does not matter now. I have asked a blueprint specialist to look into the issue. He let me know that this is not expected behavior and will have to be looked into. I have created an error report with details of recreating this issue.

Thank you very much for your cooperation during this investigation. If there is anything else that is not behaving as expected, please let us know.