Bug: FLinkerLoad::VerifyImport uses invalid {ImportFormat} text formatting, leading to warning message in log

FLinkerLoad::VerifyImport() contains the following line:

TokenizedMessage->AddToken(FTextToken::Create(FText::Format(LOCTEXT("ImportFailure", " : Failed import for {ImportClass}"), FText::FromName(GetImportClassName(ImportIndex)))));

Which leads to the following warning in the log:

LogText:Warning: Failed to parse argument "ImportClass" as a number (using "0" as a fallback). Please check your format string for errors: ": Failed import for {ImportClass}".

Suggested fix:

replace {ImportClass} with {0}, or fix the text formatting to really support named parameters.


Hey -

If this change fixes an issue for you, I would suggest entering a Pull Request (https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/compare?expand=1) to have your fix reviewed for inclusion into the engine along with being added as an engine contributor.