Bug fixing during game development

Good morning everybody,

First of all I’d like to say I’m not a developer nor I’ve any involvement in gaming industry. I’m just a curious soul who likes to have better understanding of how things work in the real world.

With the recent news regarding of CyberPunk 2077 QA issues as well as infamous “crunch time” I’m interested is there a industry standard regarding bug fixing during multi-year game development cycle(pre-alpha, alpha, beta, release).

My question: are game developers try to fix as much bugs as possible while developing a feature even if it’s in alpha or they develop a feature that sort of works and move on on the next one leaving bug fixing for the final phase of the project.

Lets say you have a mission where NPC sometimes doesn’t spawn or they spawn but not in correct places but more often than not everything works perfectly. Do you fix such issues before moving to a new mission/feature or you leave these issues until the end.

Thanks for your replies.