[Bug] FBX import from MODO

In MODO you have your vertex normals, vertex colors, uv’s and all sort of stuff in “vertex maps” and import in UE4 was pretty fine up to this moment.
Whenever I add second UV channel/map to my mesh - UE4 stops to import vertex color channel/map and just paint my vertices black.
Also, if I try to to reimport mesh with vertex color map - it’s reimporting incorrectly with some glitches
I’ve could use auto generation lightmap uv, but this particlar mesh have a lot of overlapping polys(Intentionally, it is a lot of cubes with painted vertices to be animated later) and autogen does not work correctly.

Answerhub link: Import FBX from MODO with multiple UVs - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Can confirm this bug still exists in MODO 901.

Exporting with one UV Channel: vertex colors work fine
Exporting with 2 or more UV Channels: no vertex colors