[Bug] ExampleGame not working from Play on PC (very poor framerate, sound not working right)

Hardware: Quad core AMD 2.6Ghz, 8 gig ram, Nvidia 450 (also ATI 3000, but that’s just used to drive a third monitor, not directly using it here), sound is the Logitech G35 headset.

Seems to run fine when running it in the editor viewport, but when I try to play it on PC, after several seconds, it starts up, and runs at an extremely poor frame rate (guessing around 1 or 2 fps at most), and the G35 is doing nothing but making obnoxiously loud static and clicking noises occasionally.

Any ideas?

Hi Eric. This is an interesting bug that we haven’t encountered during hardware testing. Does this only occur for ExampleGame; not for a new project? Can you confirm that the latest drivers are installed for both GPUs and the headset?

nvidia driver 310.70, i don’t see a version for the g35 drivers, but i just updated it on saturday, i think it said it was a new driver from january or thereabouts. I’ll try to get back about whether it happens outside of ExampleGame, or with the g35 disconnected if I get some time tomorrow. I need to first figure out how to make something other than ExampleGame :smiley:

I would also try looking into seeing if it still happens with only one card installed instead of two. We’ve never tried anything like that as it’s less than ideal for a hardware setup. :wink:

Awesome! Glad the slow performance has gone away. Still a little worrying, so let us know if it happens again. We’ll continue to check out Win8 with low-mid range cards to be sure everything is in order.

As for the sound, we’re aware of the issue and it’s in the proper channels now. Thanks!

Try what Aaron suggested. Does the sound issue occur with any other headphones/PC speakers? What OS are you running on?

Removing the G35, and running with my onboard sound, “Realtek High Definition Audio”, the Play on PC window runs at full frame rate, but the only sound is a short click at engine startup and one at shutdown. I’ll try after a reboot without the G35 plugged in, next, but it’ll be a while before I can reboot.

Using Win 8, since Justin asked. It’s looking like the G35 might be an issue here. The dual cards has worked fine for me in everything else except Linux, where everyone tells me “it’s impossible to use ATI and NVidia hardware at the same time!” :slight_smile: But I’ll check that too.

Alright, we’ve reproduced the sound issue! It doesn’t matter if it’s 7.1 or G35 – the sound in broken is ExampleGame in general. New Project works fine.

We’re still unsure on how the performance can be hit like that, but we’ll try more on Windows 8 specifically.

The slow frame rate seems to have gone away. Now it’s just down to no sound, with occasional pops and crackles from the G35. I see no change after rebooting, with or without the G35, or disabling the onboard ATI 3000 video.

The sound issue is in our bug database now. Though we are still unable to reproduce the performance issue, even in win8 using the G35.

It may have been doing something background, or something, compiling shaders perhaps? I know that I read somewhere that ExampleGame has a set of compiled shaders with it, but every time I load it, I get a “Compiling Shaders” toast for a while. Might’ve just been a freak occurence. At least we got one part of it :slight_smile: