[Bug] Event Hit not called on brush hits

It seems the blueprint event “Event Hit” is only called when the actor hits another actor (including static meshes), but not when it hits a brush. Is this intentional or a bug? Or something that can be adjusted/fixed?

Hi Jefferson,

It is expected behavior, and not a bug, that BSP brushes do not generate hit events. When the game is started, all BSPs are combined as one in the UWorld, making it unfeasible to try to generate unique hit events. The bug here may actually be the fact that you are given options for adding these events.

As Rama mentioned, the solution is to use StaticMeshes.


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Dear Pinheiro,

I think a great workaround for this could be what Alexander posted on a separate topic related to Camera collision:

The work around for this issue
currently is to go into the BSPs’
Details windows and convert them into
Static Meshes under the advanced Brush
section. You may need to go into the
Static Mesh editor of the new
BSP-StaticMesh and reset the Lightmass
Coordinates Index by typing in 1 (it
should reset back to 0)



Ah, so it is indeed a bug then.

Thanks for the tip Rama. :slight_smile:

But I’d really prefer that this was fixed. I can’t ensure our level design team (i.e. me) won’t forget to convert every brush to SM.

I seem to recall James Golding mentioning something about this topic of Hit Event and Brushes, you might want to search the UDN :slight_smile:

Hey Rama! If I have multiple BSP brushes can I convert them all to 1 static mesh? I have done it, but I can’t get the collision to work like it did when they were brushes. Otherwise I will have to convert every brush into a static mesh which is ok, I would just like to see if there is an easier way.