[Bug] Epic games launcher not showing Unreal Engine download

Not touched the unreal engine in about 10 years… Just went to download it via the Epic Games launcher, didn’t have enough memory, made free memory, now doesn’t show download option. It only shows Not Installed and something about a preview.

Have just clicked library and am installing the preview. Of what I have no idea. Is this the engine? If so this is more of a usability issue, as I had no idea why I couldn’t get the same install button back, making me uninstall the launcher and reboot.


the preview is the engine(its UE4.8.0 preview 4 to be exact), the official release of UE4.8 I would expect to be very soon. as for installing previous versions go to the “library” tab and click the “+ add versions” button, there should be a drop down that lets you choose the version, then just click “install” and you should be done.

hope that helps:)