Bug??? Enumeration No Longer Stops Hud Draw

Few Versions back the Enumeration (by screen type) would only allow the HUD Draw to firer once, but after a few versions past this no longer happens. It will continuously firer every second adding the selected view port when it shouldn’t, or was this changed ?? to constantly firer?

Directing to the Main Menu from the Level Blueprint

Hud setup (old method i use)


I’ve found a workaround but it does feel like i shouldn’t of had to do this by default.
Timelapse with a float 0.00 to 0.01.
Blueprint Interface that links to the Timelapse, everytime set screentype is needed.
Gate Controls the Hud Flow while the doOnce makes sure it only firers once

I just want to know from epic if this is a bug or is working as intended

Event Receive Draw Hud has always fired every frame.
Instead, create a Custom Event with an enumerator input and call it directly - it will be cleaner and more efficient.