Bug? Enhanced Input Pressed Released Not Working As Expected

The new enhanced input is not working as expected and I’m on 5.02. I added a new Input Action and added both Pressed and Released Triggers. When I create the event graph below it fires twice. The “start” print screen happens when I press it down and then again when I release it. The Released key print string does fire when I let go of the key though. I would expect it to only fire the “start” print screen once.

Using the old input setup, I had a ‘start shooting’ function running when the key was pressed and when released it would run a ‘stop shooting’ function

Am I correct that this is a bug, or is there a different Trigger and setup I should be selecting to get what I am expecting?

I ran into the same issue. I think it qualifies as a bug.
There is a workaround: I noticed that ‘Triggered’ and ‘Started’ fire during the ‘Pressed’ phase. Even though it is listed as (Unsupported), I am using ‘Started’ to initiate the action and ‘Completed’ to terminate the action.
It appears that the ‘Triggered’ pin fires for both Started and Completed.

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Now that I think about it, I don’t think it’s a bug. I think I am meant to create a new action for release trigger. As an alternative to not have so many buttons to map, I simply used a “Do once” node which stops it from playing twice. Once complete you can reset the do once.


I know this is an old thread, but it came up when I was looking for how to properly setup this type of “Press / Release” with the new Enhanced Input system. So I thought I should post the answer I found for future searchers.

I believe this is a clean method for doing this:

  1. In your Input Action, set your Value Type to Digital (bool) and add 2 Triggers, one for “Pressed” and one for “Released”.


  1. In your Event Graph, use the “Triggered” pin, followed by a Branch on the “Action Value” pin. “Action Value” will be true when the button is pressed and false when it is released.

press release IA usage

This works for mouse, keyboard, and/or controller buttons (as set up in your IMC). Hopefully someone finds this info useful :slight_smile:

Credit to Alex Quevillon who shows this in the below tutorial video at 23:16

Bonus: in the video, he also covers how to read a value to determine which keyboard key was pressed, if that’s something you want.