[BUG] [Engine] Touch input has a movement dead zone

Hi Epic,

I think this may be a legitimate bug.

The touch input move event seems to have a dead zone and won’t start firing until you’ve moved your finger over this threshold.

You can replicate this issue just using the FPS template.

I have managed to replicate the issue on Android devices (Nexus 9 and 5) and iOS’s UDK Remote.

I however do not get this issue when using the PIE with mouse.

This makes for a bit of a distressing jolt as you start to swipe to look.

Hope you can get this fixed in a hotfix, as it makes touch games rather painful.


Hey Minxies,

Are you using the virtual controller? I am not having any trouble with shooting in FPS or moving around the screen. There was not a delay, nor a dead space. I will need a bit more information to go on, perhaps a screenshot on where I need to press? I’m currently running on a .

Thank you!

Hi ,

The delay/ dead zone is very subtle.

You will need to use the C++ template (not BP) as this one makes use of screen swipe to look functionality

I am not using the virtual joysticks. These are unrelated to this issue.

You may have to crank the BaseTurnRate to up to 200.f or more to really notice it.

If you are still not seeing it, try gently touching the finger on the screen, holding it there for a second then moving it. I believe you will get the biggest jolt of movement then.



Thank you for explaining this issue further for me. I have tested this out and verified that it does happen. Looking over I see that we have a bug entered as UE-16375. This bug is closed as won’t fix due to being set up to respond to touch events, it’s working as they intend it to.

Thank you!