[Bug] editor move tool

whiles using the editor move tool to move/duplicate static meshes, the gizmo moves but the mesh fails to update or is very slow/jumps
mainly in the top view it also inverts or rotates the mouse movements eg:- to move up/down in viewport the mouse goes sideways

even if i try to move the mesh via the keypad pressing “up” just makes the mesh jump up and down

just been looking in the preferences and saw that “Enable Actor Snap” was set to true, this can’t be changed in the editor.
i then found the EditorUserSettings.ini in which i changed the setting to False,

this seems to have fixed the pivot point jumping i had.

i don’t see vertex snapping in the view options but actor snap is not enabled (at least now)

i’ll report back if i get the the weird mouse movement problem again


We have been unable to reproduce your issue. Could you please tell us what build version you are currently on, and whether this issue has occurred for you always or just recently? Any other additional information you may be able to provide could be useful as well, such as whether the issue occurs in all viewports, including Perspective.

build 1627304
seems to happen more when moving meshes near other meshes
does happen in all view ports, mainly the top messes the mouse movement
didn’t have this problem in the last build that i noticed

Thank you for the information. Can you please check on the Toolbar, under View, and see if “Enable Vertex Snapping” is turned on? If so, disable the setting and let us know if that solves your issue.