[Bug] Editor keyboard bindings doesn't allow overriding already bound shortcut

When I go to the Editor Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts panel and try to set a shortcut that is already bound to a different command, the red hint that’s supposed to be displayed is only visible for a single second and the Override button doesn’t seem to do anything. Here’s a short video:

This is the message that is only displayed for a single frame:

Also, “Override” isn’t really unambiguous. What’s supposed to happen when you click that button? Simply force the new shortcut, resulting in two actions being bound to the same shortcut? Assign the new shortcut and remove the conflicting one?

Hi Bajee,

When trying to reproduce this issue, typing in “Alt+B” results in this:

If I try and reassign the “Alt+B” I get the following, but the message does not “disappear” after a single frame, but stays constant:

If you’ll provide you’re exact repro steps (that I can reprodcuce here), I will enter this as a bug. As for the Override button, it functions as such: If you select “Override,” the function that is currently assigned to those keys is assigned “no” key binding, allowing you to bind those keys to the function you’d like.

I’m not sure how much more exact I can describe it. If I do what you did, the red text disappears immediately. Did you watch the video I posted in the report? The only thing I can think or right now, is that I’m on a Mac, maybe you could try that? (I’m using the 4.9 binary release)

Hi Bajee,

Thanks for clarifying this is occurring on a MAC. With this information I have entered the following bug: JIRA [UE-20884]. When this is corrected we will add an update to this post.

Thanks again for the feedback!