[Bug] Editor keeps inputs while loading


there is an annoying bug that was introduced in the last build (1808360) that wasn’t happening in the previous one.
This make the editor like freezing on a an input and make it unresponsive. It’s frustrating. It happens on all the project that I can run (from custom projects to the samples).

Rocket and my Projects run on an SSD, so this is not a disk access issue.

Build info :

  • Version : 1808360
  • Install path : C:\Rocket

Specs :

  • OS : Windows 7 x64
  • RAM : 16 GB
  • Graphic Card : GTX 660 (drivers 314.21)

-Description : If you move the camera inside the editor while this one is loading something (shader, lightmap, anything) it ignores the new keyboard/mouse inputs and keep the old one.

-Redo step : Open a map just after loading the editor, quickly move the camera forward while strafing left and right (alternating keys).

-Results : The editor sometimes ignores you last inputs and keeps the old one, making you going to a path you don’t want.

-Expected : Same behavior as in previous betas : total freeze or updated position based on deltatime (taking into account key pressed while the loading).

Hey Fabrice,

I am attempting to reproduce this issue, but not getting the same results. Here is what I am doing:

  1. Load project
  2. Open map
  3. Quickly right-click in view-port (to enter camera movement mode)
  4. Hold ‘W’ while alternating ‘A’ and ‘D’ to pan/strafe

Is this what you are describing? Do you mean in editor view-port or PIE? Any additional information could help with the investigation.

Thank you,



In my case I’m using the arrow keys since it’s easier for me to reproduce the bug with them. Otherwise yes, I’m talking about the editor viewport. This problem doesn’t seem to occur while In PIE or Standalone game.

I’m more or less able to reproduce this problem, unfortunately I don’t have any way to visually record my keyboard and my screen at the same time. What I can add is that I’m using a wireless keyboard, but I have it since the Rocket beta 2, so I don’t think the problem come form it.

I can guarantee that under the same hardware configuration but with the build 1711197 (beta 3) I don’t met this problem.

We have tested this issue on our machines, but were not able to reproduce it. I am going to see about getting a clean PC put together with similar specs to yours to test on. Also, a new Rocket release is in the works that has a lot of changes to rendering, so it may fix itself. Until we can get some more tests done, if you get a video recording, please feel free to give it to us, as it may help. If anything changes let us know as well.

Thank you,


Okay, I wasn’t able to record a proper video yet, I managed to get a way to actually get the bug more regular : it happens when there is an object in the scene with dynamic lighting (I mean when the lighting has not been built).

So if I built my lighting, no problem, once I move an object and it becomes dynamic (like a static mesh) and that I move quickly, I get the input freeze.

If it’s fixed in a next update then that’s great. I will still try to record the bug properly, in case of.