Bug: Editor Crashes doing Mesh Paint when "Modeling Tools in Editor" Plugin is enabled

Trying to file a bug for this since one week - but unfortunately, I cannot use bug submission form - it does not work for me at all, already posted here on the forum. Also, I cannot use answerhub any more since one week - this is broken for me as well, and Epic is investigating the issue.

So the only way for me is to use the forum, which fortunately works, so here we go.

UE4 version: 4.26

After having trouble with vertex painting in editor with a project, consistently crashing the editor, I could reproduce the issue now in a simple test project. I found the culprit to be the “Modeling Tools in Editor” Plugin, which I had enabled for some testing in my original project quite some time ago.

Note, that the crash does happen for a mesh, that has not been touched by the Modeling tools plugin at all, it’s the plain simple model, unchanged.

Simple steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a new Project, import a simple Mesh. Add into the scene, go into “Mesh Paint” mode and do some vertex painting to verify, that it works.
  2. Remove the mesh from scene again, just to be clean. Enable the “Modeling Tools in Editor” Plugin. Restart editor, wait until the around 4500 shaders are compiled
  3. Add the same mesh again into the scene. Do not do any activity with the modeling tools at all, simply have the plugin enabled. Go into “Mesh Paint” mode again and do some vertex painting.

The editor will freeze almost immediately and does produce a crash report.

Anyone noticed this as well? Could not find any hints on this, and I understand, that the plugin is still beta - but it is really cool and useful.

My test project (plugin already enabled) can be found here:…