[BUG] Does DateTime work with SaveGames?

I have been experimenting with Saving and Loading games and have been looking at using DateTimes to record the date a save game was created. This is so I can determine from an array of save game instances which is the most recent.

To test this small piece of functionality I am printing the DateTime field as I am setting it when creating the save game object and then printing the field again when an object is loaded to confirm it has the time I saw previously. This feature works fine in the first session when the save game was created.

My problem arises during subsequent sessions (for example I stop PIE and then restart the level), where upon loading the previously saved game I find that the DateTime field value was not persisted and as a result prints out the default value of the field.

I have replicated this behaviour across different projects and it happens the same in each case. This leads me to believe that the DateTime struct is possibly not set up for blueprint save games yet? Can someone confirm that this is indeed a bug?

If this is the case (and I hope it is not) is there any other way I might keep track of the age of persisted blueprint save games? (I would use C++ but the project is currently Blueprint only at this stage so I need a BP exposed solution)

The following link is the Tappy Chicken (4.5.1) example project with a created date field added to the save. It is printing the created date when the blueprint reaches the nodes where the chicken hits the ground:
LINK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7165799/TappyChicken.zip

Hi Gerard,

Thank you for the feedback. You are correct, this blueprint feature isn’t working as intended in 4.5.1. However, I tested this in our latest internal build and it is fixed. Your exact setup in Tappy Chicken will print the correct date and time. You should see this corrected in a future release.



Thanks TJ, that is good to hear.

I look forward to the fix when it comes down the pipeline.