(BUG) Dino/Playerpawn grows

If you have a resized Argent (larger), and you attempt to pick up a raptor repeatedly it grows larger… Also if you have a larger Raptor and you mount him your character grows larger. Does anyone know what is causing this and a possible solutions, thanks!

no solution for now have be found :s

it seem that what ever is link to another in game is resize automatically somewhere :s

Yes, it almost appears that once the playerpawn mounts a larger than vanilla tame it automatically becomes part of the dino and no longer independent thus scaling to match.

not only player pawn, the saddle work like that too.

whatever is attach to the dino will take it scale too (in my case i became a Lilliputian :stuck_out_tongue: ), i’m sure if we make an bow replace the saddle, the bow will scale too :smiley:

i would like to test to import a new mesh resize from a 3d modelling software but i don’t have any knowledge on that so it will take some time ^^ (did see that people use blender and that it work with ue import/export format but i never did use it so will need time to learn how to x) )

There’s a socket on all skeletons labeled “Rider Socket” or something. You can adjust the scale of that socket, which changes the size of the previewed rider. That might fix the problem. However, that would involve making a copy of the existing skeleton, making the change, then making copies of and relinking EVERYTHING to the new skeleton. That would greatly increase the file size of your mod, and take hours to do for each skeleton.

Still, it’s a thought.

Yeah, i could test that but the work might not be worth it.

hum i did try to change that but i can’t find how to do it.

whatever i do i have issue :stuck_out_tongue:

if i don’t reference the duplicated skeleton it don’t crash but use the vanilla skeleton so i can’t try changing the rider scale.

if i link the duplicated skeleton i have this in pie each time a dino come close to me (and the anim are no more link and retargeting them don’t work some will be ok but many will don’t play anymore, the bite anim still work for example but other like look left don’t) :

the error appear even if i link or not the anim with the duplicated skeleton and even without modifying the skeleton.

does one of you know what i’m doing wrong?

I have yet to tinker with it, as i am not overly concerned, while i would like to have a rideable Dilo, going through the process modifying the Skeleton/mesh, is not worth it. One suggestions instead of duplicating the skeleton just move the core skeleton over to your MOD folder and modify that directly, then use the verify cache to redownload the core file again. More than likely you will have to do this with all core files connected to it.

oh yeah didn’t think of that :smiley:

i was thinking that maybe with bp scripting we could force the resize of the specified socket but didn’t look into it since i’m not sure of how bp scripting work exactly ^^ but if it was doable it would surely be faster to do :stuck_out_tongue:

will try it when i have some time.

Don’t use a duplicated Skeleton, but rather use a duplicated SkeletalMesh. The SkeletalMesh has a Scale value on it (we added this, stock Unreal doesn’t have it) that you can use to modify the scale of the Mesh. That way you can make your character bigger without having to use the Component scale. This should not affect the scale of any Sockets, which is what’s causing the problem described above.

Never the less, we’ll look into solving the Socket-pickup-scale problem as well – but that’s the current work-around :wink:


YES!, how did i miss that, thanks !

ok it seem that the player is no more resize with this scale.

i was sure i did try to change it before not sure what i did this time that make it work maybe last time i didnt change one scale somewhere :smiley:

hahaha i can ride a t-rex that is smaller than me and i still see me bigger than him when riding it :smiley: hooray ! and the saddle is resize without modifying it so only need to duplicate it’s dino_bp and meshe :smiley:

thanks for the tip dev :slight_smile:

will be able to continue on my prototype :smiley:

Now we just need to give dilo and other Dino’s a saddle