BUG CRASH UE4.4 and UE4.4.1 Glass Material

Since version 4.4 it happens:

1 - I enable LPV in ConsoleVariables.ini
2 - I create a new level Blank - Minimal Default
3 - In World Settings. I allow Force NO Precomputed Lighting
4 - I enable Dynamic Indirect Lighting in Light Source
5 - I click on the statue glass
6 - The engine is crashed
7 - The only alternative is to stop the process to close the EU4.

It seems that all objects that contain more than one material, and the material is the glass material of UE4, this problem occurs.

I thought version 4.4.1 would be hammered this.

Hi ren3d,

Thank you for the repro steps, we will take a look at this. In the future, please be sure to post all of your bug reports on the AnswerHub (https://answers.unrealengine.com/index.html) in the **Bug Reports **section. This is where we track and assign out bug reports for investigation.

If we do have any additional questions, we will ask you to make an AnswerHub report.


This is a known issue: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/35329/lpv-causing-crash-with-translucent-material-in-a-m.html

Hi Ren3D,

As Jacky pointed out this is still a known issue. I’ve been able to replicate the issue with 4.4 as well, so thank you for the clearly stated repro steps! This is always greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

This bug report (TTP: 335245) is high on our backlog though.

Thank you!


Thank you for attention guys. I’m very proud of the support from Epic Games and of share it with communities games I attend.

I reported in AnswerHub.