[BUG] Crash on startup on 4.10 and master

Hi Epic Team

My System

Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 16Gb Ram, Nvidia 750ti 2Gb with 355.11 drivers form Nividia


I didn’t have any issues with UE4 until version 4.10 and (master branch the same). I remember that when I was doing the PR for the support of mesa drivers that the triangle order optimization had to be switched off with: r.TriangleOrderOptimization=2 to prevent at first startup time crash when static meshes was created.

Now I tested on a fresh clone, with 4.10 and and fresh clone on master branch to make sure. Even though I am using now Nvidia drivers 355.11 it crash on startup during static mesh creation because of the triangle order optimization. If I switch it off it does not crash. I hope you guys know what’s going on here. This bug keeps continuing since ever. I had even a bug reports about it.

Hope this can be fixed.

Hey Yaakuro-

I have entered a bug report (UE-23394) for investigation and included the suggested fix of switching triangle order optimization off.