[Bug]:Content browser cancels rename when detects "used" name

If I remember correctly this was not presented in beta5. In beta6, when you are renaming asset in “Content Browser”, then as soon as you type a name that’s already presented in that folder, exclamation mark appears (which is ok), but if you try to continue typing “Content Browser” cancels the rename operation. I think in beta5 you could simply continue typing and removing the potential “conflict”.

How to reproduce easily:

  • select any asset in “Content Browser”
  • rightclick and select “Create Copy”
  • “Content Browser” automatically selects the new copy and starts rename operation
  • just delete the automatically added number, exclamation mark appears
  • now try to continue typing to rename the object
  • bug => rename operation is canceled

Hi Tomas,

This is a known issue that is already fixed internally and is not expected to be in future Rocket builds.