[BUG Confirmed] LocalNotifications don't work on iOS 10 in 4.17.1

Hi all,

So this may not be specific to that engine version, as I’ve not tested it on others, but pretty much what it says on the tin. LocalNotifications don’t work on iOS. The same code is working on Android, and looking at the source is appears it’s intended to be supported on iOS.

There’s no detailed documentation about how the library is supposed to be used, just the blueprint class functions (though I’m calling via C++), that list off the names of the parameters. Is there something more I’m supposed to do to ensure the correct permissions are registered on iOS during packaging? Something to trigger a request to the user to allow push notifications? Additional dependencies or build configuration?

All searching reveals is a number of questions about this and promises a year or more old of documentation in progress. Any help would be appreciated.



I believe the trouble with this is that UILocalNotification is deprecated in iOS 10.


Unreal uses this class, so the engine needs to be ported to UNNotification and until then, there will be no local notification support on iOS 10+.


What I don’t know is how to get Epic to notice this post and get an update into the engine. Maybe a shruggie will help ¯_(ツ)_/¯